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Who are we?

Complementary-i consult firm is one of the leading consulting firms in Ethiopia, with vision to grow and serve organization in the horn of Africa. The firm was established by dynamic group of professors of Addis Ababa University to undertake research, consulting, and high-level capacity-building training services in economics, development studies, business, and social science fields. We have a proven track record of executing various national wide consultancy service assignments over the last recent years.


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Best In the Industry

Complementary-i uses state-of-the-art tools for research, consultancy, and capacity-building training services and focuses on delivering tailor-made solutions and quality services

Expert Based

Complementary-i consult will serve as synergy between the expertise and knowledge available at our firm on the one hand and the development partners and the beneficiaries of the project on the other for enhancing quality of implemented project.

Professional Staff

Complementary-i consult firm is made up of multidisciplinary experienced professionals who share a passion for achieving the very best in everything they do.

Full Support

Our firm strongly believes in working mutually with clients and beneficiaries to provide quality research, consultancy, and capacity-building training services.

Our Services

Our Service that we are Expertise's on

Research, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

Complementary-i consult firm established effective and efficient research, monitoring evaluation, and learning system to ensure evidence-based programming and policy formulation.

Program Design and Implementation

Complementary-i consult firm understand that program should be well designed with a clear set-up of goal and objectives that are data informed and result oriented. If you want program design and implementation consulting service.

Survey Management and Data Analysis

Complementary-i consult firm has adequate experience of executing a full range of qualitative and quantitative data collection and management services to its clients

Capacity-building training

Complementary-i consult firm has a proven track record of providing various advanced level capacity building trainings on various areas of economics, development studies, social science, and business fields.

Business Development

Rigorous research on issues related to business development; Delivering analytical reports on various business development issues; Producing quality completion reports on different business developmental programs.

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Our Partners &or Clients

We work with government, NGOs, civil society organization, and business firms. Our firm also emphasizes forging collaboration with international and local firms for implementing research, consulting, and capacity-building training projects jointly.

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